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About us

BSC Sofware Company was founded when department for business solutions became independent and moved from PSC d.o.o to a newly established BSC software which fully dedicated on business software solutions. We have transferred long experience, people, knowledge and customers in the new working environment, modern and innovative.

We are engaged in the implementation, customization and maintenance

  • ERP system Microsoft Dynamics NAV
  • Integrated business steer system (B2B, B2C)
  • Business applications developed on Microsoft platform

The partnership with Microsoft allows us to access the latest development tools and knowledge bases, which resulted in many successful implementations and satisfied customers


BSC team continued successful development trend and singled in the top of the Microsoft Dynamics Partner Company, and known for its high quality services and for its professional approach in working with clients.

Business Strategy

We've made every effort to create a different company that combines the knowledge and experience of strategic and operational management of Information Technoliogies. Company that not only knows the solution set, but also to reduce the gap between business and information system and enable client resources to work in the new operating environment.

Following world trends, we are aware that the long-term development projects in a dynamic business environment, and the huge investments in the past have not given the desired results in relation to the utilization of Information Technology, we decided to a offer the regional markets and largely international standards, content, whole, complete and custom solutions.

Our solutions are developed on the latest Microsoft and other technologies, fully supporting locally (SRB; BIH; MNG) legislation and in cooperation with our customers, experts in various business areas.





All solutions are standardized, localized and registered with Microsoft. This type of development, called "verticalization" allows our clients:

  • Use the free "know how"-and work with people who understand their needs
  • Use predefined modules policies which shortens the time needed to adapt the system
  • Using proven methodologies and security in project
  • State of the art technology and continuous improvement



All of these allow our customers significant savings in project implementation and a much faster return on investment and limitation for software.

Some of standardized solutions are:


Company Objectives

BSC Software is a company that has a clear objective - to business software and technology required to operate such systems make accessible and understandable to business people in the region.


ERP, CRM, BI, B2B, B2C and other acronyms describing software systems, subsystems and related applications that enable in monitoring and enforcement of diverse business activities with the help of technology. These systems are not and should not be a privilege of large corporations.



They need the ability to:

  • Small and medium-sized enterprises: to look at your business, make the right decisions and offer their goods and services to a much wider market using technology and the Internet.
  • Public companies: a unique system to replace the outdated and 70-100% of separated subsystems and facilitate understanding and control of real-time.
  • Investor: to quickly and easily review the results of investing in the local economy, without fear of possible errors in the interpretation of domestic legislation (localization)
  • Donors, sponsors, companies that look real consumption of resources and effective direct them to the best and most important projects.



Our goal is to achieve optimal results for our clients responded to their inquiries and service quality concrete solutions. That’s why we’re continuously developing, expanding the product range, improving tools and techniques, to help the company’s overcome the challenges they facing today and in the future.


Our team is here to provide technologically monitor the growth and development of your company.


BSC Software
Đorđa Stanojevića 4 11000 Belgrade, Serbia +381 11 3180 197
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