Product Roadmap
Our solution is fully compliant with Microsoft product roadmap, allowing our customers to utilize the latest features of Microsoft Dynamics Nav 2013.
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Support Services to our Customers

BSC Software offers their Customers back to back support services. We provides the support services to the Partner, and the Partner is responsible for the support towards their customers (end-users).


Note: Support offered by the Service Level Agreement (SLA) is part of an annual Support Contract and is not offered by default.



During regular Service Hours incidents can be reported, replied to, and solved. Regular Service Hours are between 09:00am and 5.00pm (Central European Time). Inside and outside the regular Service Hours, incidents can be reported through BSC Software support-site. Replying to incidents and solving incidents is done during regular Service Hours.


If a problem emerges that cannot be sorted out during Service Hours or in the required time, both Parties will draw up an implementation plan of dealing with the problem. This plan may contain the way fees and expenses are paid to BSC Software in case BSC Software is asked to sort out problems at the Customer's premises and vice versa.



Reported incidents will be categorized by the Partner. An incident's category determines its priority, and how fast BSC Software needs to respond. The category can be changed by BSC Software, in coordination with the Partner. Ultimately, the complexity of an issue determines the time it takes to solve the incident.

Category Description
A The live system of Customer has come to a halt and users are no longer able to process data, using the operational software.
B A problem in the operational software which causes serious disruption of a major business function or an important business process can no longer be executed and cannot be (temporarily) solved by a workaround.
C A non-critical problem, during which Customer is able to continue to run the system, with or without a work-around. Or, a problem in the operational software that does not fall into category A or B.

Response times and ambition on resolution times

BSC Software will respond to the Incidents based on the Incident category and within regular Service Hours, within the following timeframe:

Category Response times
A Two (4) hours
B Four (8) hours
C Sixteen (16) hours
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